Saturday, January 24, 2009

The End of Days or Signs that the Earth is Approaching Old Age

I'm sure you've all noticed the signs. I mean, they're obvious, aren't they? We all accept the Earth as a female, right? Well, she seems to be entering The Change, poor gal.

It was December. The Decembers of my youth (which isn't really all that far in the past)were wonderlands of snow. Piles. Drifts! It was pretty consistent. Some years we got less, most years we got more. In contrast, the Decembers of my maturity are stark, raving nuts. It was 35 degrees. This is not the strange part. December, and all. What's strange is that the day before it was 60 degrees. Mother Earth had a hotflash. There's no other explanation.


Melain said...


That's hilarious.

Tell that to the Global Warming obsessed. Maybe they'll figure out how to give Her some hormone balance.

Melissa said...

Oh man, Denver must be the epicenter for "the change," then, because it dropped nearly 40 degrees in one day. First it's 70, then it's 30. It's crazy, I tell ya!