Monday, December 1, 2008

Creative Ads

So I was on a jaunt through the internet when fancy struck me. I've been taking this marketing class and so I decided to try to find some fun ads. The amount of creativity out there is truly amazing, I tell you! Look at some of these! I admit I was on something of a Message Binge, but it's cool just the same. It's easier not to feel preached to when it's cool, right?

I don't know about any of you, and apologies to any of you smokers who may be offended by these, but I thought these were pretty dang effective.

These are actually from a job-finding service in Germany. How clever is that?! I particularly shudder at the laundromat one.

These are a couple that just break my heart. The Unicef one makes me want to just go out and adopt!

This just makes me itch to wash my hands as soon as possible.....

And the rest are just random cleverness....

But, seriously, wouldn't you LOVE to be that creative?! What about you, bloggers? Have any ads that particularly speak to you?


Marni's Organized Mess said...

That's awesome. These are great ads. Perfect timing to counteract my stupidity. I will check back to remind myself.

I really like the hand one, the unicef and the grave. :(

Melissa said...

Hey, did you get my e-mail asking you to submit stuff to Bloggers Annex? I see you've already signed up. Wait until Sunday, ok!