Sunday, October 5, 2008

In Memory of Summer

Well, here I am again. The weather is beginning to turn cold in fits and starts. The days are getting shorter and people are getting back to the serious business of life, more's the pity. But I have preserved my summer in bits and pieces, from the sunsets and rainbows, to my work environment that's bound to have you sighing in envy or at least nostalgia. So, I now force them on you share them with you.

My home is situated in exactly the right place for Rainbow Watching. When it rains and the sun comes out, we are almost invariably treated to the whole arch, not just a halfbow.

We are also often thrilled with a double.

These are probably a couple of my faves, though.

I hope I never take rainbows for granted.

Now for my job. As a student, I am blessed to be able to have rather childlike summers. I still work, of course, but my job is a lot of fun. I work at my local Aquatic Center (aka The Pool). Here's the back of my shirt. (Which was incredibly unflattering to my short, corpulent form, and which I ditched as quickly as possible.)

But the view more than made up for the unfortunate fashion choices........

But, the best part of this job is that it lets me spend time with my kids......

.......something I hope none of us will take for granted.


Tash said...

I couldnt get the vid to work but my comments on the rest: so jealous!! That about sums it up. Love hanging at the pool!!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I occasionally take these things for granted, thanks for the reminder! What beautiful photos. :)

Melain said...

The video wasn't working for me, but I can testify that it is lovely. I'm actually, for the first time in my life, ready for summer to be over. It was ETERNAL this year, and NOT in a good way. I'm loving the fall.