Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I hate technology

Hello, all. Yes, it's me. Back from the black hole. Or at least temporarily ransomed from the black hole. My computer's one and only hard drive has died. Hmmmm....then how is it you are able to communicate with us, I hear you ask. I am on the computer at my place of temporary employment, that's how. My children are going through withdrawal. My youngest is practically in tears over the precarious fate of her Neopets. They could starve!

So now I get to pay $70 to try to have my music, videos and pictures ghosted off of the now-useless pile of silicon. Then I get to save my pennies until I have $300 for a new pile. *sigh* Well, I guess I'll look on the bright side. At least it happened during back to school sales. And really, without the Internet to suck us all in, we've spent some great quality time together. So I think I'll let my kids go through their withdrawal so they can see that life without a computer is not the end of the world. And it's not a bad lesson for me, either.


Melissa said...

I wondered where the heck you were! I've missed you! I, too, am going through withdrawls because of your dead computer!

Dragonfly Dreaming said...

* whines * I have missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

good luck with the computer! You have all my sypathy! Can't wait till you're back full time though, I've been haunting your blog while you were gone.