Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pomp and Smurfin' Stance

Ah, graduation. That time of year when all the upper class (in school, that is) get to soak all their relatives for cash bask in the glory of freedom a job well done. Technically speaking, I have reached that place. I will graduate with my AA sometime next week. There will be no ceremony. I'll get my diploma in the mail(as requested). Why is this, you ask? Because I still have two more years left. Mine is but a transfer degree, though I am excited to be moving on to the next step.

I've always liked school. I like learning. But I hate, hate, HATED high school. The education was mediocre and not enough to balance the crappy social games, at which I sucked, then and now. That's one reason I'm so glad to be going to college when I'm just a tad older. I'm outside the stupid social games. Peer pressure is more likely to involve a competition over the highest grade than a competition over who can consume the most alcohol without a trip to the restroom, ER or morgue. Priorities, right?

I have never had a graduation ceremony. I graduated a year early from high school, and due to a slightly odd set of circumstances, well that's just how it worked out. I'm not complaining. I kind of like it that way, actually. It just seems like a whole lot of expensive fuss for not much. I'm still debating whether I'm going to do the whole Cap and Gown route when I actually graduate with a Bachelor's.... in something. Right now, I'm leaning away from it. I don't want to pay $50 for a tank of gas to get there, pay for a cap and gown, sit in stultified air for several hours listening to people I don't know talk about how the future is out there just waiting for total domination by the current graduating class. This does not inspire any kind of positive passion in me. If I ever get a Master's, you can bet that I'll be taking that walk. But probably not just for this.

Besides, all this is just a lead-up to the really exciting news. After my last final (8:00 Thursday morning) it will officially be summer vacation for me! Woohoooooo!!!!
I cannot tell you how ready I am for this. My brain alternates among three options. 1)Leaking out my ears, 2) Being sucked down my spinal cord, and 3) simply freezing. Did you know there is no reboot button for the human brain. Yeah. I've looked. Not there! But there is a reboot process, and it is known as Summer Vacation. Well, I am ready.

Reboot me!


Claudia said...

I'll send you some ear muffs love, you know, to keep those grey matters from leaking out. * muah *

beth♥ said...

Reboot! Reboot!

Alas, I work in a resort ... no rest for me during the summer.

Marni Tiani Self said...


Melain said...

HONEY! I'LL drive you to the ceremony. I'll even buy your blasted cap and gown and print off all the pictures I take. But you're GOING to have a graduation ceremony and I'm GOING to come, and we WILL party afterwards!!!


I love how I can hear your voice in my head when I read your writing. It makes me laugh.

Blazing Goddess said...

Oh, I'm having a graduation party I just don't feel particularly compelled to go to the actual ceremony. But I may decide after two more years of wringing my brains out onto paper (or hard drivr, as the case may be)that I have totally earned every bit of a graduation ceremony.

We shall see.