Saturday, June 7, 2008

Election Year Therapy

It's that time again. That time when we begin to avoid all media outlets like the plague for they will soon be bombarding us with that stomach-clenching, molar-snapping, apoplexy-inducing soundbite known as The Political Ad.

Here it comes. That 30-second bid for your vote. It all starts out innocently enough. Vote for Me. I'm the best Guy for the Job! The other guy is a good person, but he just "doesn't get it".

But it never stays that way, does it?

In no time at all, it becomes politely vicious. And as all of you know, polite viciousness is the worst kind. Now, not only is he the Best Guy for the Job, suddenly his opponent is Satan's henchman, who is planning to lead us all into the Seventh Circle of Hell with a gleeful look on his face as he flings our tax dollars into burning pits of fire and brimstone along the way.

Now we enter the time when you take your life into your hands by asking "So, who are you gonna vote for?" Every four years we endure this trauma.

I wish it could just be.....respectful. I know there are a multitude of differing opinions out there. I know there are lots of different ways to handle things. I just don't think it's impossible to be respectful of someone else's point of view. Or even to acknowledge it's strengths without moving you from your own convictions. I'd like the politicians to figure out that all they need to do is let their record speak for itself. Specific questions usually get answered in debates. Character assassination isn't an endearing trait.

So I'm just gonna pre-pay my therapist for all the anger management sessions I'll be taking. I will research voting records, and watch officially sanctioned debates and that's it! Then I will vote for the candidate whose basic principles most closely align with my own. And I will be voting. That's a freedom I have no intention of taking for granted.


Melissa said...

From one odd-ball to another. Melissa suggested I read your blog, which I did. And I must confess it was impressive - and I'm not impressed with many people. I agree with your political comments; however since every time I vote for someone they are not elected, so I am not convinced that my vote counts. This thought makes me remember the phrase, "Just what makes you think anybody is interested in what you think"? Morevover, while I am tolerant of diverse opinions I sincerely doubt if anybody has a true opinion. In most cases people don't have opinions; opinions have them! A fellow odd-ball. Alfred Blue, Melissa's father.

Marni Tiani Self said...

I'm so horrible. I don't even vote yet. One day, but until I feel fully educated, I think it's completely unfair for me to vote. Shame on me huh?

Blazing Goddess said...

Hi Alfred!
I know a lot of people think their vote doesn't count if their guy doesn't win, but I still think it does. Like anything else in life, if you show up for it, it counts. The thing with voting is that its purpose is not to expose the single voice, but to voice the will of the collective. And every voice counts toward the collective, even if it comes out sounding like only one voice.

Yes! You should vote. Just start small in local elections. It's really not that bad, I swear! lol

Claudia said...

Politics make me vomit. Just sayin'.

Melain said...

Politics don't make me VOMIT, but they do give me the cold sweats. I like to avoid that conversation. I've coined some extremely generic phrases that are total crowd pleasers and usually wind any conversation down so we can move on to more important subjects like ...ME! :)