Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Love Letter to My Mommy

I love you this much!

Dear Mommy,

I wish I were better at words. I wish you knew how proud I am of you, and how much I admire you. You have always been an amazing example of love, strength, honor, and service. You're the smartest person I know. Heavenly Father sure knew what He was doing when He sent me to you. You are an anchor for me in so many ways. As I get older and have a clearer view of life, I realize just how strong and brave and true you have been. It makes me ashamed of my smallness, but it also encourages me to grow and become more. You've been doing that all my life.

You have been my safe place for so long. I don't think I've ever told you how much that has meant to me, or how many times you've gotten me through whatever mess I've embroiled myself in. When I talk to you, you always remind me that, despite my penchant for borrowing trouble and panicking over the absurd, I am a normal person. And you like me. That's the most amzing part. I could kick myself for missing out on all the years when we could have been the kind of friends we are now becoming. It makes my heart smile to see you happy. Maybe someday I'll have that kind of relationship with my kids. I hope so. As for now, when they grumble that I "sound just like Amah", I smile and think. "Great! I'm doing something right!"

Everything I hold dear in my life I have because you either gave it to me, helped me hang on to it, or taught me the skills I needed to get it. You've been my biggest cheerleader and support, always accepting me and loving me no matter what (and there has been a lot of what). And now I hope to be able to offer at least a small portion of that back to you. I love you, Mommy. Thank you for my life.



Christie said...

Very sweet words to what sounds like a pretty terrific mom. Happy Mom's day to you and yours!

Marni Tiani Self said...

How sweet. :)

The Manic Street Preacher said...

mmmmm... yer can have mine if yer want. Old bat'll outlive me to spite me.

I'd push her down the stairs but she lives in a bungalow...