Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Fool's Delight

I consider myself, on the whole, to be a person with a highly developed sense of the ridiculous. I enjoy humor immensely and spread its cheer at every possible opportunity, even occasionally when it's not especially appropriate. But my highly developed sense of humor ends abruptly at the practical joke line. I am a terrible sport when it comes to practical joking. I detest them, and I'll tell you why. The whole purpose of a practical joke is to make someone else look and/or feel stupid, and in fairly public way. You know, call me crazy, but I think human beings manage to look and feel foolish on a pretty regular basis without having assistance from someone who's doing it for the sole purpose of being able to laugh at them. Can you see how I'm not a good sport about this? Yeah.

So that said, guess which day is SOOO not my favorite day in April? You got it. April Fool's Day. Who thought this was a smart thing to do?

"OH, I know! Let's nationally commemorate a day in which people may be unkind with impunity! And then if the victim doesn't like it, it can be a character flaw on their part. Instead of me being an insensitive jerk, they'll be an oversensitive weenie!"

"Wow! What a great idea!"

I realize that there are many people that enjoy practical jokes, both giving and receiving them. Bully for you. Some days I wish I were one of you.

This day is, ridiculously, made harder to bear because it comes one week before my birthday. I feel just a little tainted at having to share this time frame with such a mean day. I can't help but wonder why they had to choose April. I guess August Fool's Day just didn't have the same ring to it.

So how about it, Blogging World? What's the appeal, or not, of this particular day for you?


Christy said...

I like April Fools day. I was actually trying to think of an April Fools post, but my brain refused to think of anything funny.

Melain said...


Any question?