Monday, April 14, 2008

The Color of Me

So I took this Color Quiz that I found on Marni's blog, who got it from Anth's blog's whose knee bone's connected to the thigh bone. Thigh bone's connected to the....Ahem, Where was I? Ah, yes. This is a bit...freakishly accurate, actually. And the quiz itself is incredibly brief and simple.

My results are:

Your Existing Situation
Authoritative or in a position of authority, but liable to feel that further progress is rendered problematical by existing difficulties. Perseveres despite opposition. (Hmmmm. Highly bossy and stubborn, likes it that way, looking for opportunities to be bossy with impunity. Stubbornness assures that said opportunity shall be found. Are my education dollars paying off or what?)

Your Stress Sources
Has an unsatisfied need to ally herself with others whose standards are as high as her own, and to stand out from the herd. This desire for preeminence isolates her and inhibits her readiness to give herself freely. While she wants to surrender and let herself go, she regards this as a weakness which must be resisted. This self-restraint, she feels, will lift her above the rank and file and ensure recognition as a unique and distinctive personality.(Makes me sound kinda snobby. I don't FEEL snobby. But I am assured that I am unique and distinctive, so I guess it's working.)

Your Restrained Characteristics
Has high emotional demands and is willing to involve herself in a close relationship, but not with any great depth of feeling.
Conditions are such that she will not let herself become intimately involved without making mental reservations.(Yeah. Did I mention I'm not dating?)

Your Desired Objective
Needs a change in her circumstances or in her relationships which will permit relief from stress. Seeking a solution which will open up new and better possibilities and allow hopes to be fulfilled. (Going to school, gonna get a job that lets me have MONEY to DO STUFF.And be COOL. Because when you're lacking innate coolness, money will have to suffice.)

Your Actual Problem
Feels insufficiently valued in her existing situation, and is seeking different conditions in which she will have greater opportunity of demonstrating her worth. (Now I sound all selfish. Did I mention this was freakishly accurate?)

Well?! Your turn!!


Melissa said...

Hey, how do you know about Dreams Come True? And do you know where I can find any of their Japanese cds? I have an English one and I don't like it that much. But that girl can sing!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I love your commentary. I should have done that too. You crack me up girlie! :)

Melain said...

Seriously? Did you write that yourself! Because those are ABSURDLY accurate! Mine weren't that spot on the SECOND time around! But they got me on a few things.