Saturday, April 5, 2008

100 Facts About Me

Firstly, I must take this moment to thank Marni, as I am stealing this idea from her, and I know she hates it when people don't give props for their borrowing.

Since the 8th is my birthday, I thought this might be apropos. The idea is to come up with 100 facts about yourself. Frankly, my brain feels so fried from school, I'm not even confident of my ability to count that high, but I'll take a bash at it. If you get to 14 and the rest are blank........well, I apologize. I just may not be all that interesting.

1. My name is Charity Joy. It can be hard to live up to sometimes, especially on a lousy day, but I wouldn't change it for anything. It's good to have things to live up to.

2. I conduct a daily love affair with the English language. I think it's the best language on the face of the planet. Though God speaks all languages, I think He likes English best.

3. I secretly(and saccharinely/poetically) describe my eye color as the color of a sun-dappled, rippling pond in a forest grove.(Did I mention my fondness for language? There you go, then.)

4. My youngest daughter is autistic, and I wonder sometimes if God made her that way to protect her from her father and me.

5. I wonder if I'll ever be courageous enough to be the woman I know I'm meant to be.

6. I have a severe addiction to commas.

7. I have never lived alone.

8. I got married for the first time when I was 17 years old. I was not too young. I was too weak.(Pay no attention to the fact the people in this photo are wearing their rings on the wrong hands. Heathens!)

9. I think when you smile for no reason your smile becomes a reason.

10. When my oldest daughter was born I had undiagnosed Post-Partum Depression. I used to dream vividly of hurting her. It terrified me.

11. I adore learning. While I am a bit burned out by school at the moment, I can't imagine ever not wanting to learn something new. I'm a nerd.

12. My faith is the foundation of who I am. I am a Goddess in Training.

13. I am fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth.

14. Pregnancy was very easy for me, and I loved it(which may explain the continuing fascination.)

15. I love to read, and I read very quickly. I can read a fictional novel (sometimes more than one)in a day. My record is the last 2 Harry Potter novels in 12 hours each.

16. I have nearly prehensile strength and skill in my upper lip.

17. I am a skilled counted cross stitcher, but I cannot do the embellished ones. They're not exact enough. This is one that I've done.

18. I love my body from the neck up and the knees down.

19. I am allergic to milk. Not dairy. Just milk.

20. I have a goal to be able to paint my grandmother's portrait from her wedding day in watercolor.

21. I think my mother is the most under-appreciated genius in the world today.

22. I have had the same best friend for nearly 20 years.

23. I'm secretly certain that I'm so damaged that no normal man will ever want me, though freaks and geeks will abound.

24. My children are the most amazing people I've ever met, because they can still love after everything they've been through.

25. I have a strong opinion about practically everything.

26. Next to my children, my mother and my sister hold the closest places in my heart.

27. I have a vicious competitive streak (that I try not to let out very often).

28. Teenagers are my favorite age group.

29. I am not particularly nice, but I'm content to let other people believe I am.

30. Some days I look in the mirror and think I am beautiful. Other days, I wonder how I could ever have thought that.

31. I have been told that my bottom eyelashes are longer than most people's top ones, and have been asked repeatedly if my eyelashes are fake. (They're not, and I was very flattered.)

32. Talking is my favorite pastime, and I will do it even when no one else is around.

33. If I knew I could get away with it, I would completely disregard the speed limit.

34. I get motion sick in parked cars, but not on roller coasters.

35. I believe that (barring illness) everything in life is a choice or the consequence of one.

36. I believe in accepting the consequences of your choices graciously.(Though I often fall short on follow through here.)

37. I like talking about politics and religion.

38. I really like winning.

39. People have called me wise, and I sometimes let it go to my head. Sorry.

40. I have a desperate desire to be kissed senseless just once before I die. Preferrably long before. By a man.

41. I am very smart. That said, God, the universe and my subconscious conspire daily to keep me humble.

42. I can't kiss.

43. I love to make people laugh.

44. I am intensely curious about people.

45. I love stories. Movies, music, books, people; they're all just stories, waiting to be loved.

46. If I know I'm wrong I'm not afraid to admit it. But I can live in denial for decades.

47. I intensely dislike being told what to do.

50. I have an aversion housework, and only do it when I absolutely must(which is why I try to invite people over fairly regularly.)

51. I believe the Bible to be the word of God. Just not the only word.

52. I give compliments easily and sincerely. Apparently this is very rare.

53. My first husband told me that the only reason he hadn't slept with anyone (of the women he dated during our marriage) was because no one had offered. I didn't care.

54. I have a weakness for mango raspberry smoothies, and I can't find them anywhere!!

55. My chocolate peanut butter double decker fudge is my ultimate downfall. I can eat the entire 4 pound yield in 2 days. Yeah.

56. I have a lovely singing voice....but it would be lovelier with some lessons.

57. I inherited my father's ability to discover and retain obscure items of trivia.

58. I love to smell pretty.

59. I love money, but I'm not a gold digger. I'm a lot more interested in my money than anyone else's.

60. I hate the smell of newspapers.

61. I do not enjoy animals. I have no particular enmity toward them, I just don't have enough energy for or interest in having them in my house.

62. My wildest dream is to have nothing else to do but travel the world. In my own luxury Lear Jet. That I am qualified to fly.

63. I still own the only Baby Name Book I ever bought. I use it to name my Sims.

64. I have never broken a bone.

65. I have a weakness for romance novels.

66. I have never used a day planner in my life.

67. I keep meaning to want an i-Pod, but I don't.

68. My baby will graduate in 6 years. I'll be 39.

69. I want a son. More to the point, I want to have children with someone who wants to have children with me.

70. I look at the many good mothers in my family and wonder, in shame, why I didn't live up to that part of myself.

71. I love steamed broccoli and cauliflower, but my spinach and carrots must be raw.

72. You've never had peas until you've eaten them straight out of the field in a warm saltwater brine.

73. My second husband let me use him as a launch pad for healing. I'll always be grateful to him for that. I'm glad we're still friends.

74. I am a small-town girl.

75. I want to have an at-home water birth.

76. Music is the window through which my soul flies.

77. I have an extensive movie collection.

78. I do not watch rated-R movies. Ever.

79. I think global warming is a total crock.

80. I have a goal to be able to play any piece I want to on the piano. (Just for the record, I am nowhere near achieving that goal).

81. I miss hugs.

82. I hate fighting. It makes me feel physically ill.

83. I have a surfeit of self-destructive pride.

84. I tend to look to my own authority above anyone else's. Even when I have none.

85. I think America is the best country in the world, hands down.

86. I love The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.

87. I believe in moral absolutes.

88. I am fascinated by marksmanship.

89. I think nearly all the world's problems could be solved by people simply learning to control themselves.

90. I am a newly initiated Mary Kay junkie.

91. I love writing.

92. If I could learn every language in the world, I would.

93. I think the best age to be is 60.

94. I want to marry someone who adores me, and won't change his mind about that (and vice versa).

95. My definition of success is to get a job that will let me hire someone else to do the housekeeping.

96. Does anyone know The Rock's phone number? I hear he's single again!

97. I take incredibly hot showers.(This sentence is in no way connected to the previous one. Just FYI.)

98. I hate exercising with the blazing, white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. But I love to play.

99. I get weak in the knees at the sight of well-formed arms and shoulders.

100. I'm unbelievably grateful to have been more interesting than I had originally supposed myself to be.

Your turn!


Melissa said...

I am 1/3 just like you! Especially in the areas of attracting freaks and geeks (in my pre-married life) and hating exercise with the "blazing, white-hot intensity of a thousand suns." I, too, am a comma junkie. In my recently published article, they changed some of it and left out a sorely needed comma! I was so embarrassed! Now everybody thinks I don't know how to use them!

~beth ♥ said...

Comma junkies & word nerds unite! What a fun list. I stumbled over here from blogtations and could literally copy large portions of your list to describe myself. Weird.

Marni Tiani Self said...

Ha ha!! Thanks for giving me credit. ;) lol

Melain said...

It never ceases to amaze me how DIFFERENT you and I are! I guess that's pretty normal for sisters. I'm slowly collecting my 100 things. It will be my 100th post; coming up quickly now!!! It will be fun to compare notes when mine is done. I already have something in mine about how fast I read the Harry Potter books! Weird!

I like you very much.

Marni Tiani Self said...

Just came by to check in on you again. Plus I read all 100 facts again... and wow. Would you like to get together sometime and talk about pregnancy and childbirth?

I so badly want a water birth, but it will never happen for me. I had 2 c/s and I can't stay to try for a VBAC again... :(

I love your outlook on life.

I too suffered from PP Depression and still fight it many days... :(